Friday, 31 July 2015

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Different Refractive Vision Correction Procedures such as LASIK laser?

Some of the common symptoms of eye related problems are bulging of the eyes and complete or partial loss of vision. The eye related problems can be easily diagnosed by simple examination of eye using basic eye exanimation tools and equipment. To ensure the high effectiveness of diagnosis of eye problems, it is always advisable conducted by experienced and skilled ophthalmologists.

Some of the eye related problems can be treated by using the prescription lens or eyeglasses. Eye lens or glasses are not permanent solutions to different eye related problems. In addition to this, the prescription glasses or eye lens requires regular maintenance. There are lots of surgical procedures available in various hospitals for the purpose of ensuring better and permanent vision correction or clarity solutions.

A computer aided three-dimensional profile of eye of the patients is generated to ensure the high effectiveness of LASIK surgical procedures. By using traditional microkeratome or latest high-density laser beam, the flap is created on the surface of the cornea. Once the flap is created, the second step is to remodel the cornea by using laser beams. Final steps of Lasik laser is repositioning of the flap, to ensure maximum vision correction.

Once the Lasik laser procedures under the supervision of skilled ophthalmologists are completed, it is advisable to take proper post-operative care to ensure permanent vision correction.  It is highly advisable to provide the patients with a complete course of highly effective antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops, to effectively prevent various bacterial infections. Apart from this, doctors advise the patients to avoid direct sunlight and make use of highly quality sunglasses.

LASIK surgery is one of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and most successful vision correction procedures.  Although, LASIK surgery is among most successful refractive surgical procedures for vision correction, but it has few minor complications association with it.

In the year 2006, it was reported in Archives of Ophthalmology that the changes of vision loss due to infection is higher in cases of LASIK surgical than using contact lens. Several studies conducted across the world has shown that the patients undergone Lasik surgery has higher chances of Higher-Order Aberrations, which are visual problems that cannot be corrected by using prescription lens/glasses. Other risks associated with Lasik laser are Dry eyes, traumatic flap dislocations, and late postoperative complications.

With the aid of 92-99% success rate, the laser-assisted in-situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is one of the most preferred surgical procedures for vision correction in Delhi NCR. Some of the well-known and reputed hospitals offer highly effective Lasik Laser in Delhi. Consists of three steps, the Lasik laser conducted under the supervision of highly skilled ophthalmologists are known for optimum effectiveness, fast recovery and permanent vision correction solutions. Due to decreased inflammation and quicker recovery, the highly effective Lasik Laser is preferred over traditional photorefractive keratectomy (PRK).

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Best Hospitals for Treatment of Eye-Related Problems through Lasik laser surgery in Delhi NCR

Some of the popular methods of eye treatment available in Delhi are photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) and LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis). High success rate, low recovery and optimum effectiveness, make the Lasik laser surgery highly demanded in Delhi for the purpose of treatment of various types of eye-related problems. 

The Lasik laser is used for the purpose of treatment of various eye-related problems by using high density laser rays. Although Lasik surgery is highly successful across the globe for treatment of different types of eye-related problems but it have several side effects. 
Some of the common types of side effects of Lasik laser are vision disturbance problems such as blurry vision, dry eyes and eye injections. The Lasik laser is safe and efficient method of treatment of different eye related problems but the patients should be told about the side effects and other problems which can be caused during the failed Lasik surgical procedures. 

Some of the common problems with growing age among patients/individuals in Delhi NCR are keratoconus, cataract and retina problems. With the aid of advancement of medical facility and equipment, the treatment of the eye-related problems is safe and free of any type of pain. The decrease of vision due to clouding on the centers of cornea is called cataract and it can cause permanent loss of vision if left untreated. 

At early stages of cataract, the prescribe lens or glasses can be used for improving the vision. As the disease propagate the treatment through lens or glasses hold no good after some time. The permanent improvement of vision can be ensured through cataract surgery, which is removal of natural lens of the eye suffering from cataract. 

Before cataract surgery, complete and rigorous eye examinations are advised under the supervision of ophthalmologist. The examinations reduce the risks and other complication that could occur during the cataract surgery. By using laser scanning device and ultra sound technology, the complete analysis chat is prepared. Based on this the examination, the procedures of cataract surgery can be done. If doctor find that the patient is not suitable for cataract surgery, he/she can recommend any other surgical procedures based on the needs and requirements of the patients. 

To ensure high effectiveness and quick recovery, the reputed hospitals render Cataract Surgery in Delhi by using advanced machinery and under the supervision of highly qualified, experienced and skilled eye surgeons. 

For treatment of various eye related problems through LasikLaser in Delhi, the patients can contract different reputed hospitals that have appointed a team of surgeons with vast experience of Lasik surgical procedures.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Lasik Laser & Cataract Surgery and its Treatments

FDA started the trail of Lasik laser eye treatment in the year 1989 and it was approved by food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the year1992 to use laser for vision correction procedures. Laser-assisted Lasik eye surgery provides permanent solutions to various eye related problems and alternative for contact lenses and eyeglasses.

It was estimated that more than 50 million Lasik Laser Operations have been successfully conducted across the world, as per 2015, for the treatment of various eye related problems. There is about 92-98% success rate in the cases of Lasik laser eye treatment across the world. The rate of unsuccessful Lasik is very less and only handful number of people has reported that unsuccessful Lasik outcome has reduced the quality of their life.

After the successful Lasik Surgical procedures that patients are provided with a periodic course of anti-inflammatory and antibiotic eye drops. The eye drops continue for 2 to 4 weeks after the purpose of conducting the surgery.  The patients are recommended to prevent rubbing of the eye and protect the eye from bright or direct sunlight. Besides this, the patients are recommended to keep the eyes moisturize for at least 3 to 4 weeks. 
Although Lasik Laser in Delhi is high successful but the surgery has recent risks association with it. The patients are told about the risks. Under the recommendation qualified and experienced ophthalmologist, the risks can be reduced and effectiveness can be enhanced. Some of the common risks associated with Lasik laser surgeries are vision loss due to infection and higher-order aberrations.

Two types of Lasik laser surgeries popular in Delhi are the blade and blade-free Lasik. Due to safety issues and highly effectiveness, people in Delhi prefer blade-free Lasik laser surgery. In blade-free Lasik, the flap is created by using a precision laser.  

One of the common eye problems in Delhi is cataract that causes loss of vision due to clouding of the lens. The visual acuity test is used for the purpose of effectively detecting a cataract. The common symptoms of a cataract are a reduction of vision. Diabetes mellitus and hypertension are considered to increase the process of degeneration of natural lens of the eye.

The ultraviolet light is shown in many cases to accelerate the process of cataracts. Another major reason for the purpose of increasing the degeneration of human lens is excessive smoking and drinking. In certain cases, use of specific drugs such as corticosteroids can effectively cause cataract development.

The Cataract Surgery in Delhi is conducted under the supervision of ophthalmologists, for a removal for natural lenses of an eye for treatment of cataract.  One of the popular methods of surgery used for the treatment of cataract is Phacoemulsification.

With the use of ultrasonic hand piece, the internal lens of the eye is emulsified. Another effective method of treatment of cataract is Manual small incision cataract surgery that is conducted under the supervision of a panel of a highly skilled ophthalmologist.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Highly Effective Blade-Free LASIK and Keratoconus Treatment provided by the Sardana Eye Care Institute, at Cost Effective Price

A reputed and famous eye-care treatment centers could effectively treat different types of common eye-related problems such as Keratoconus and Cataract. Leveraging the experience and knowledge of this domain, the Sardana Eye Care Institute provides extremely effective treatment for various eye-related problems.

To effective treat different types of eye-related problems; one should consult reputed eye-care centers. From the first day of its inception, the Sardana Eye Care Institute is valued and esteemed for providing utmost effective eye related problems. The Sardana Eye Care Institute has appointed a team of doctors, to effectively treat different types of eye-related problems. 

Inclusive of keratoconus, cataract and retina treatment, the Sardana Eye Care Institute provides treatment of eye-related problems. By using advanced and sophisticated blade-free LASIK, the doctors have been able to treat different types of eye related problems. The Sardana Eye Care Institute follows patient-centric approach while dealing with the patients, to attain maximum patient approval and satisfaction.

The eye specialist from the reliable eye-care centers further quoted, “At Sardana Eye Care Institute, Quality of the keratoconus treatment is our utmost priority and it is never compromised at our end. In addition to this, we have appointed a team of highly skilled doctors and other support staff. By providing regular training sessions, the doctors and other support staff are updated with latest happening in this domain”.

An eye specialist from the eye care center quoted, “At the Sardana Eye Care Institute, we have installed a well-equipped laser technology, for the treatment of various types of eye-related diseases.  We make use special lens and other sophisticated surgical procedures, for the highly effective Keratoconus Treatment in Delhi. The treatment of keratoconus through different types of surgical procedures is known for its fast recovery, high success rate, and optimum effectiveness”.

By meeting the precise needs of the patients in the professional way, the Sardana eye care institute has been able to attain a commendable position in this domain. Keeping the convenience of the customers in mind, the Sardana Eye Care Institutes accept different methods of payment such as cash and online

As a leader of this domain, the Sardana Eye Care Institute is known for providing highly effective treatment of different types of eye-related problems. At Sardana Eye Care Institute, the treatment through best Blade Free LASIK in Delhi is known for its high success rate and fast recovery. To ensure utmost effectiveness, the management at Sardana Eye Care Institute has appointed a team of eye specialists and eye surgeons. The eye specialists and eye surgeons have experience and knowledge of this domain. To update their skills in the most efficient manner, the doctors attain regular training sessions through seminars and workshops.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Modern Methods of Treatment of Eye Related Diseases or Problems-Blade Free Lasik Eye Treatment

In last 20 years, the number of successful treatment of eye-related problems with the help of sophisticated LASIK surgeries has increased manifold. The vision of thousands of patients has improved by using these latest technology Lasik laser eye treatment surgeries. Are you looking for treatment of different eye related problems through Lasik laser in Delhi, There are the number of reputed and well-known organization in Delhi that renders best in class Lasik surgeries at cost effective prices.

For treatment of different types of eye-related problems such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, doctors recommend laser-assisted in-situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) surgical procedures. Lasik laser surgery consists of three main parts, which consists of creating the flap, reshaping of the cornea using precision laser and the final steps are repositioning of the flap under the supervision of qualified and experienced professionals. 

Traditional a fast moving blade known as microkeratome was used to create a thin flap into the cornea of the patient. Another method used for the purpose of creating flap is known as blade-free LASIK. This procedure was introduced in the year 1999, in which the thin cut is made by using high-energy precision laser known as the femrosecond laser.

Once the cut is made, the next step is to modify the curvature of the cornea of the eye for improving vision by using a high-density laser beam. The laser shots are known as “ABLATION”. The correction is done by using predetermined corneal profile that is generated by using the sophisticated computer. Finally, the flap is replaced on the bed for producing an uninterrupted surface. The final step of Lasik laser eye treatment is repositioning of the flap once the laser removes the corneal tissues.
The Blade Free Lasik in Delhi is preferred over traditional Lasik laser sugary due to precision and safety. For the purpose of ensuring optimum effectiveness and fast recovery, the reputed eye hospitals in Delhi has appointed a team of qualified and experienced eye surgeons and eye specialists. With thousands of successfully blade –free surgeries conducted every year, the reputed eye care hospitals has been able to win the trust of its patients in the most efficient manner. 

Due to well-known hospitals, experienced eye surgeons and ultra-modern medical facilities, the patients can get highly effective KeratoconusTreatment in Delhi at the most competitive price possible. For effective treatment of keratoconus, the new eyeglasses are used. If eyeglasses don’t provide proper vision, the proper contract lenses can be used. 

For the treatment of keratoconus, doctors recommend different types of surgical procedure are used. Some of the highly effective surgical procedures used for the treatment of keratoconus are corneal collagen cross-linking and corneal ring implants. For operating different surgical procedures in the most efficient manner, the eye care institutes are well-equipped with latest ultra-modern equipment.