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Effective Treatment of Cataract and Retina Problems through Vision Correction Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

Eye problems are can be effectively treated through various vision correction procedures such as Lasik laser. Some of the trusted eye care institutes in Delhi are known for providing best in class treatment of various eye related problems. Some of the common types of eye problems in Delhi NCR are as given below.

·         Cataract
·          Glaucoma
·         Optic Nerve Diseases
·         Corneal Disorders
·         Retinal problems
·         Squint problems

The purpose of this article to discuss different eye related diseases such as cataract and retina problems and various eye treatment centers. Let this discuss the two diseases one by one.
The painless clouding at the center of eye’ natural len is called as cataract. Some of the common causes of cataract are diabetes, hypertension, obesity and aging.  The symptoms of the cataract eye problems are blurry, foggy and filmy vision. 
Cataract Surgery in Delhi
A simple examination by a pool of experts through eye test can easily diagnose different types of cataract in the most efficient manner. The special type of eyeglasses, which consists of bifocals or contacts, can be used for effective treatment of cataract.
CataractSurgery in Delhi is precisely done through two different types of surgical procedures like Extra Capsular Cataract Extraction and Phacoemulsification. After the removal of cataract through the above mentioned procedures, the special types of len known as an Intraocular Lens (IOL) are implanted. By using small incision, the doctors implants foldable intraocular lens. In addition to this, the doctor implants Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) lens by using large incision.

The retina problems common in India are diabetic retinopathy and age related macular degeneration. Retinal laser treatment, vitrectomy surgery and pharmacotherapy are some of the common treatment for various retinal eye problems. Under the supervision of qualified doctors and surgeons, the retinal problems are treated in the most efficient manner.  
Retina Surgeon in Delhi

The qualified and experienced Retina Surgeon in Delhi is appointed by various eye care institutes for the purpose of highly effective treatment of types of retina and vitreous problems. The eye surgeons and eye specialists are provided with regular training sessions, to upgrade them with latest happening in treatment of retina and vitreous problems. 

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